RASOFT software allows intuitive configuration and programming of a system either wirelessly or connected to an Ethernet router. Rasoft makes whole home programming, creating new rooms, setting scenes and changing fade rates easy, as well as offering many advanced features including room grouping to facilitate master controllers. For ultimate flexibility, Rako has a range of modular accessories including hand held remotes, single and bi-directional RS232 interfaces, infrared to RF converters, SMS text receivers, boosters, DMX512 drivers, partition modules, volt-free interfaces, Speakercraft audio gateways and astro time clock with advanced macro programming features. Rako’s accessories compliment home security, linking the system to security alarms that bring lights on in the event of activation. The TCM time-clock can turn lights on automatically at dusk, run a sequence or replay normal occupancy during holidays.


RAK Link

Wired connection unit for use with RAK-4 systems, complete with power supply for wired CAT-5 panels, controls up to 8 x RAK-4 (32 channels)


Centralised Wiring Distribution Unit

Wired Mains Input interface

WAVMI allows mains voltage signals to be detected by a Rako wired system. So, the Rako system can be made aware that certain circuits are active. This includes...

Wired Volt Free interface

The WAVFR allows mechanical switches and logic levels to add additional control of a Rako Wired system. This includes inputs from Alarm sensors,...

Wired 8 channel DMX controller.

A compact 8 channel DMX controller for use with the Rako Rakom wired network. Can be used to control DMX light fittings or interfaces such as colour changing LED drivers and fibre optic projectors.

WA Bridge

WA Bridge
Interface between wired and wireless networks with ethernet link (requires wireless router to use for programming)

WRA-232 Bridge

A network interface for use with Rako wired, wireless or combined systems.  The WRA-232 Bridge acts as a bi-directional interface with external control devices via either serial RS232 or Ethernet.

WTC Bridge

WTC Bridge
Interface with wired or wireless dimmers with Ethernet, iPhone, or Android link.  Fitted with TCM time clock module allowing event timed commands, holiday simulation mode, macro & button mapping.  Supplied with Rako software allowing programming & configuration of the system


A time-clock and advanced programming module that can be connected to a RA-Bridge or a WA-Bridge converting them to RTC and WTC Bridges respectively, allowing timed events, holiday simulation and macro functions to be programmed.


An interface module for connection between Rako's wired and wireless networks.


The WPCON unit provides convenient connection points to the Rakom wired network for devices such as DMX, RF, WA and WTC Bridge modules.

ACM (Audio Control Module)

A plug-in adaptor for a Rako Bridge to enable control of ethernet based, third party, multi-room audio sytems.

WAPIR (Ceiling mounted 360 PIR motion sensor)

A ceiling mount PIR motion detector with a 360o sensor pattern.