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Cloud Gateway

Simple, intuitive voice commands allow control of all Rako products via the Cloud Gateway unit. Communicating with new and existing RA, WA, RTC or WTC-Bridges the Cloud Gateway provides complete control of your Rako system via IoT enabled devices.

The Rako Skill for Amazon Alexa supports the full home-automation feature set offered by Amazon Echo products. Operate your lights, curtains, blinds and even water features, conveniently with a spoken command.  

Set-up of the Cloud Gateway requires the user to register at my.rakocontrols.com with the unique code displayed on the unit's LCD screen.

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With Apple HomeKit you can ask Siri to turn off the lights from your iPhone, iPad or Mac. Control remotely with the help of Apple TV and even tell your new HomePod to set the lights in a room.  Using the HomeKit automation functions, timed events and automating a Rako system when you leave or arrive home is possible too.

Google Home support is due in November 2018 and will give similar functionality to Apple HomeKit.

An interface for the Cloud Gateway is being written for use with all IFTTT products that will allow integrators full flexibility when creating feature rich smart homes.


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