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Luxury homes often impress with their interiors, but their exteriors can offer equally stunning visual appeal, especially when enhanced with well-designed lighting.  This was the case with Pine Cottage, a luxurious home in Orpington.  While the home's interior lighting was exquisite, the garden did not match this level of sophistication. To address this, Lighting of London was commissioned to transform the garden into a visually appealing haven.


Project Details

Lighting of London was tasked with designing a lighting scheme that would enhance the beauty of Pine Cottage garden, creating a sense of drama and atmosphere while ensuring a seamless integration between the interior and exterior lighting.



Products and Implementation:

    • Moon Lighting: Application: Provided soft, low-level lighting for flowerbeds.
    • Effect: Created gentle illumination that highlighted the garden's floral elements without overwhelming them.
    • Spot.Z Lighting: Application: Placed at the base of trees for precision highlighting.
    • Effect: Accentuated the trees, adding depth and focal points within the garden.
    • Spot.S Lighting: Application: Used for smaller and decorative plant pots.
    • Effect: Highlighted the intricate details of the garden's decorative elements, enhancing their visual appeal.
    • Rako Control System: Application: Installed to allow for customizable lighting control.
    • Effect: Enabled users to adjust the lighting scheme via the Rako app, tailoring the garden's ambience to their preferences.



The lighting scheme implemented by Lighting of London resulted in a stunning transformation of Pine Cottage's garden.  The strategic use of Moon, Spot.Z and Spot.S lighting products created a beautiful interplay of light and shadow, highlighting key features of the garden.  By incorporating the Rako control system, the gardens lighting and atmosphere was able to be completely controlled by the client.  The enhanced garden now exudes a sense of drama and atmosphere, perfectly complementing the luxurious interior of the home.

The clients were overjoyed with the transformation, expressing amazement at how the lighting products had completely revitalised their outdoor space.

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