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RAK Mounted

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For larger or centralised mounting installations. RAKs can form either wired (with RAKLink) or wireless (with RxLink) networks

Wireless Modules

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For distributed, retro fit or smaller installations

Wired Modules

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For use with a wired system, where distance to lamp or safety isolation dictates a separate module

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Download the NEW Rako App

We’re thrilled to be launching our new and improved Rako app;

With a user-friendly format combining keypad layout with channel controls, it’s now easier to adapt and save scenes.  Users can also adjust colour temperature and back by popular demand, the ability to upload images has been reinstated, making it quick and easy to identify the Room you wish to control. 

Additional features include ‘favourites’ and an activity log now tracks all commands made within the Rako system.

The new app requires either an RK-HUB or a WK-HUB with a firmware version 3.7.6 or later.  The new app can be downloaded from the App Store on iOS Devices and the Google Play Store on Android devices.


Support Centre

We're proud of our customer service.  The support centre gives useful information from planning a system to helpful set-up guides, videos and system overviews as well as datasheets and manuals.

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