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Lodha Aristo

Project Location: Bombay, India

Project Background Brief

This palatial property was the second home of the client, spread over some 5000 square feet. 

The client initially felt that they did not require any automation since they were not tech savvy and thought it was a luxury which their lifestyle did not warrant. 

With guidance from the interior designer, it was highlighted that with home automation they could stay connected to the property, even remotely, which became an attractive proposition for the client.

Particular Challenges

Architects and designers in Bombay do not like products which occupy space - as space comes at a premium in Bombay.  However, due to the decentralised architecture option of Rako's products, the client did not have to allocate space for a dedicated equipment room.  Further flexibility offered by Rako for using keypad options of the client's choice, was another distinct advantage.


Special Project Features

Various ambient lighting scenarios can be created which not only enhance the beauty of this project but also ensure the lighting design and variety of light sources are highlighted to maximum effect.  The client was also impressed that they could control multiple lights with just one or two keypads, as opposed to a manual arrangement where they would need multiple switch plates.

Furthermore, with lighting and curtains controlled by Rako, the client has the option of controlling their house remotely as well as future scalability in other rooms, should they choose to.


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