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Private Residence

Project Background Brief

Suffolk based technology firm Cerebrum Systems worked with Rako lighting and Silent Gliss blinds on this project, to create a fully integrated home system, with blinds that fitted seamlessly within the uniquely shaped windows.

After installing a Rako lighting control system throughout the property, the client enquired if Cerebrum Systems could integrate automated blinds with the Rako system too. The perfect solution for this was Rako Blind Control, which allows control of lighting and blinds from one keypad within every zone of the property. Integration of Rako lighting and blinds with Control4 was also enabled, allowing the client to control everything around the property under one system as opposed to several separate interfaces.

Particular Challenges 

There were some challenges when it came to fitting and implementing the blinds within this property. The large and unusual shape of the windows meant that several meetings with the building contractor were required to establish how best to position the blinds and how they would be controlled within each room – the blinds in the bedroom were particularly complex being triangular in shape!


Having installed Rako for many years, Cerebrum Systems are familiar with specifying the system for a variety of project requirements. For this project, a Rako wired system was specified and the following products were installed; RAK8-MB, WMT400, WMS600, WM-CUB, RAK-LINK and a RAK-STAR. A WK-HUB was also installed allowing integration of Rako with Control4, enabling the client to control everything via the Rako App, providing simple and intuitive control.

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