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Surrey Private Residence

Rako Keeps on Giving

A project that started out as a single room install is gradually expanding throughout this property for
DLIGHTING, utilising Rako’s wireless lighting control system, providing the homeowners with full
control over their internal lighting.

The unique project began in 2018 when the homeowners approached DLIGHTING with the intention
of updating their kitchen space. They were keen to modernise the space but did not want to move
out of their home. So, DLIGHTING needed to source and specify a system that would cause minimal
disruption across the property.

The renovations started with the kitchen, which includes a utility room and TV room, and then went
room by room to include the master suite, formal lounge and dining room. The homeowners have
been so impressed by the lighting and control system that they are currently working with
DLIGHTING on options for the hall and landing.


The Control System

“The lighting control system had to be meticulously planned to meet the expectations and
requirements of the homeowners,” comments Darren Bethell-Hobbs, Director at DLIGHTING. “For
example, the kitchen needed to be completed without lifting any tiles or re-plastering any walls. So,
we had to think cleverly about how we would install the lighting control and that’s where Rako and
its wireless system came in.”

In the kitchen, the project had to use a single feed to create multiple circuits in isolated sections.
This allowed DLIGHTING to link multiple modules for shelf lighting and under counter lighting so they
could dim together as one channel in the app when setting scenes. This reduced the overall list of
channels making it less overwhelming for the end user. It also ensured the system was ready for
project-based expansion to other rooms. By utilising this approach, DLIGHTING could also
demonstrate to their client what could be achieved in each room and how the project would take shape.

DLIGHTING was able to create a sophisticated system that could adapt and work with new and
existing fixtures. In the dining room, the homeowner had a cherished designer pendant suspension
light that hung over and complimented the new hand-carved dining table. To keep the pendant, the
installer customised the luminaire, replacing the old technology with LED components, modernising
it and making it compatible with the Rako system.

Scene 1

Scene 1

Scene 2

Scene 2

Scene 3

Scene 3


One of the main criteria for the homeowners was flexibility. The Rako system can be controlled via the app so the homeowners can create their own scenes. The system also includes PIR sensors so occupants can walk in and out of the space and have the light follow them wherever they go without having to use light switches.

Darren continues, “by using the Rako wireless system we were able to deliver a smooth installation that caused minimal disruption to our clients. It also allowed us to create different zones easily and place the keypads exactly where we wanted them. The homeowners are delighted with the end result as shown by the continuation of the project over the last few years. It shows the capability of a Rako wireless system and how it can evolve.”

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