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W Lane


Project Background 

W-Lane, a recently renovated home in Lancashire, highlights the integral role of lighting in elevating an interior design. Deploying a hybrid wired and wireless Rako controls solution, luxury architectural and interior design company, Vivo Casa, utilised smart technology to illuminate the newly designed home, with a sophisticated, functional and elegant lighting scheme.

Lighting has the ability to connect and define a space, guide mood, and optimise life’s daily activities, it plays a central role in creating beautiful spaces with flawless functionality. As the home underwent its extensive renovation, Vivo Casa knew that it had to consider the lighting design in the very first steps to achieve the results the homeowners were looking for, including a sleek modern decor.

Lighting Design

Given full rein to completely reconfigure the house, Vivo Casa stripped back walls and created brand new open spaces with a breathable atmosphere. These new areas required a tailored lighting design that could bring the vision to life and also work with the natural light now coming into the space.  The team knew they wanted a large statement lighting piece to complement the aesthetics within the open kitchen, dining and living space, however, limitations in ceiling height meant the fixtures could not include any hanging pendant features. Vivo Casa, developed a grand flower design, with tiered circular petals as the central fixture within the home. High-end Italian lighting manufacturer, Nemo Studio created the fixtures, which incorporated  DALi Dimmable drivers to create a dramatic yet functional effect.



Interior Design

The interior décor has been completed with a range of Rako EOS keypads, taking advantage of the different finishes and designs Rako offers to best suit the colour scheme throughout the home.  These user-friendly controls are complemented with the Rako app, which offers mood-changing and colour temperature as well as quick light control and the ability to turn the whole home on and off from anywhere in the world.  With this addition, the customer is able to set the ideal atmosphere at the touch of a button, all from the comfort of their own couch.

Whilst automation was a necessity to achieve the desired lighting design, the client was initially reluctant to include this technology within their home, believing it to be too complicated to use.  An important process in introducing customers to smart technology is demonstrating the capabilities practically and building trust in the simplicity for the end user. Having access to its own showroom, fully fitted with Rako, Vivo Casa was able to demonstrate to the client how flexible and simple it is to use Rako’s controls and lighting automation.  Through this session, the client saw the possibilities that this technology offered them and their home, requesting for Rako to be included throughout. 




Favourite Project Features

W-Lane features a hybrid wired and wireless lighting control system. With the entire house being renovated, it gave Vivo Casa the opportunity to install cables exactly where they required to create the desired control system.  By adding wireless controls to the system as well, the design team could incorporate added functionality and deliver a unique and fun control system.  For instance, in the bedroom, the control keypad was fitted into the bedhead so the client can control and set the lighting with just a touch of a button, from the comfort of the bed for real accessibility and ease of use.

Rako’s colour temperature and controllable lighting is programmed with the ability to set different moods and layered atmospheres across the home. “One thing the Rako system helped me achieve, was to set a default colour temperature, which gives the whole house a holistic design. The spaces easily flow from one to another without harsh colour changes and highlight the features of each room the way they are intended,” adds Nas.




Project Testimonials

“Lighting is such a central part of creating the perfect architectural and interior design. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve cohesive lighting without Rako in this project. With the main focal point being the flower fixture, we needed to have fully controllable dimmers that could ensure the light wasn’t overpowering and brought a good balance to the space. I use Rako as it is a trusted brand, with great capabilities and sleek keypads that can really tie into the design. The Rako team is also incredible at providing support with whatever I need.” comments Nas Adam, Owner of Vivo Casa.


“It is great to see Rako being used by Vivo Casa. Nas is an incredible designer, she completely understands lighting and how crucial it is to be able to control and design a lighting system for the function and design of a home. We are so pleased our controls can be utilised to fulfil the vision of this talented designer.” Comments Peter Broome, Director at Rako.





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