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Rako & Bodhi - Simple, flexible and intuitive lighting control

What is Bodhi?

Bodhi is a cloud-based building management platform that centrally monitors, analyses, schedules and controls all of the technology on your property from a single interface — from lighting control, climate, water, energy management, audio-visual and other building technologies.

Simple and intuitive to use, property managers, engineers, concierge staff and homeowners will be able to begin using it immediately.

Rako has partnered with Bodhi to provide a single interface to control Rako's lighting control system, both wired and wireless, via the Rako Hub.  Providing an interface to manage all of your Rako lighting and shading for hospitality, commercial and residential environments.

Rako’s wired and wireless systems can be seamlessly integrated with Bodhi, enabling new build hotels and hospitality spaces, as well as hotel refits to be installed in a scalable and cost efficient way.


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Hotel Rooms & Suites

With Bodhi’s browser-based dashboard interface, hotels can automatically trigger welcome scenes via the Rako Hub; including lighting scenes, temperature and background music for their guests, adding sophistication and luxury to the guest experience. Guests can then use their smartphones to access lighting control alongside other hotel services. Feedback for front-of-house also enables staff to set an ‘away’ setting when guests leave the hotel.


Bars & Restaurants

Using Bodhi in conjunction with Rako’s lighting control system, the perfect ambience can be achieved in restaurants, bars and hotels for guests to enjoy. Lighting scenes can be subtly changed, enhancing the customer experience with smooth fading, reducing the impact and intrusion of cumbersome switching, whilst dining and public areas benefit from a more relaxing feel with scenes becoming more intimate as the evening progresses. Scene changes can be easily selected by staff or automatically from repeatable, timed events.


Commercial and meeting spaces

With Bodhi and Rako, office, meeting and conference facilities take on a more professional image with simple to select scenes for presentations and meetings. Lighting and shading can be adjusted to suit the time of day or the required task.


Energy management

Bodhi can also monitor Rako’s energy consumption, enabling users to monitor expenditure and identify areas for optimisation.


Rako’s wired and wireless lighting control system is flexible and scalable, from single room control to extensive apartment developments. Select a welcome scene for your guests as well as allowing them to have control over their own environment.


Voice control

Voice control provides users with simple, straightforward control. Use Bodhi with Alexa to control any Rako control system, enabling guests to change lighting scenes, shading, music and temperature.


Keypad range

Rako’s award winning keypads come in a range of styles, to suit all interior design and aesthetic requirements. Modular and Classic keypads are available in multiple button configurations as standard whilst EOS keypads offer a sleek, all metal interface. Custom engraved buttons are available across all keypad ranges.