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How do I get a quote?

Regardless of whether you ask Rako directly or go through a Rako dealer or installer, having a good idea of the lighting scheme, control points and rooms to be controlled is vital. Without firm information it will be possible to give indicative and budget pricing but no more.

For an accurate quote the information should give a schedule of the lighting to be controlled, broken down into the separate groups or channels that require individual control. Each channel should detail the number of individual lights and their type, including, if possible, exact lamp information.

The schedule should also give the number of control points (keypads) required for each room and the finish of the plates. Any further control requirements such as smartphone control or timed events should also be detailed.

For further help and assistance, pricing information or a quotation email your enquiry to sales@rakocontrols.com or call 01634 226666

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