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Which controls do I need?

Notwithstanding variants with different button arrangements Rako keypads come in one of three basic forms.

Wired Keypads - WCM, WK-EOS and WK-MOD – The requirement for wired keypads is fairly well defined in that they are the only Rako keypads that connect directly to a wired network via a CAT5 data cable.

Wireless (RCM) and Wireless NFC Keypads (RNC, RK-EOS and RK-MOD) - Both transmit wireless messages to dimmers with RF receivers, the difference is in how they are configured and their programming capabilities.

The RCM range of keypads use small switches (DIL) to determine which House and Room they control. These switches are easily changed with a small screwdriver or tip of a pen. Once set the address of the whole keypad is set and all the buttons will control the lighting in that Room. These keypads can be configured without the need for programming software.

Some advanced features can be set by pressing and holding certain button arrangements (see the application sheet Advanced Control Panel Features) or by programming macros in a Hub that supports these.

The NFC range of keypads (RNC, RK-EOS and RK-MOD) have no addressing switches and are programmed exclusively by NFC (Near Field Communication) via a Hub or RAMPI programming interface connected to a PC or Mac and using RASOFT Pro software. Programming requires a working knowledge of the Rako software but does give access to more features than the RCM range keypads.

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