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Wireless or wired control?

When planning a Rako system possibly the biggest consideration is whether to plan for a wired or wireless system. Both can integrate together to form combined systems but which should form the core platform?

For a retro-fit solution the wireless option is obvious. Cabling will already be in place so being able to put wireless modules where the cables can be accessed, such as behind downlights and the lack of data cabling to the switch positions will dictate a wireless solution.

For new installations the choice between wired and wireless solutions is something for consideration.

Wireless is generally easier to instal and commission. It is usually a lower cost solution, more so for smaller installations, especially where they can be manually set-up.

The structure of a wired system, requiring a RAKLink for control panel connections typically requires more circuits to amortize the fixed costs. The wired keypads are also more expensive than their wireless counterparts.

A wired system has advantages in avoiding any concerns about wireless transmission range and the lack of dependence on battery power for the keypads means that they can have backlit buttons. The connection via a data cable allows more information to be transmitted so there is more functionality available and as all wired devices are connected, the whole system can be interrogated and if need be upgraded.

A wired system is more involved to set-up and commission and will require the use of a laptop to programme. Larger and more involved wireless schemes may require this too but simpler wireless systems can be set-up without the use of a laptop.

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